SG-450 Digital Ensemble Grand
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The SG-450 has been designed to function as a high-performing arranger keyboard incorporating 476 extraordinary orchestral sounds including a high-quality Stereo Grand Piano.

It also has an amazing extensive Style Section (260 styles) covering a broad range – from traditional dance rhythms to modern and contemporary beats and great Latin rhythms. You can use a USB flash drive to record musical data (up to 16-tracks) or play back commercially available Standard MIDI Files (SMF’s).

The 88-note Graded Hammer-Action keyboard, the Multi-Layer sampling technology and the new Touch-Sensitivity control system ensure the best control of the piano sound and the absolute authenticity of touch with the quality and the feel of a grand piano.

The SG-450 has the sound and performance of a far more expensive ensemble digital ensemble grand piano yet at an amazingly low price. You’d think that with all it offers it would be difficult to operate. Not so! It’s ingeniously designed to be a snap to setup and navigate. All it takes is one button to set up the entire instrument (OTS) to achieve professional sounding results in an instant.

Sound Source: PCM Sampled Sounds
Keyboard: 88-Note Graduated Hammer Action
Touch response: 3 Selectable Curves, Off
Display: Back-Lit Display
Polyphony: 64-notes
Sounds: Total of 476 (348 orchestral/synth sounds; 128 drum sounds) Three sections: Right 1; Right 2; Left
Drum Kits: 8 kits with effects
Controls: Pianist, Auto Setup, Twin keyboard
Pedals: Sustain Pedal (Optional 3 Pedals: Sustain – Sostenuto – Soft)
Rhythm Orchestra: 260 Styles with 2 Variations, 16 User Styles, Auto Accompaniment On/Off, Tempo, Intro/
Ending, Fill 1/2,
Auto Start, Key Start, Start/Stop, Metronome, Accompaniment Volume
Special Features: OTC (Overall Touch Setup) enables the instrument to set an appropriate
registration for each music style (two for the right-hand); OMC adds a
complete chord to the melody line played with the right-hand based
on the left-hand notes being played
Recorder: Standard MIDI File (SMF) compatible with 16-Track
Recording capability with Record, Play/Stop, Function
Controls using a USB Memory Stick
Overall Presets: 20 User Programs
Effects: Reverb: 6 Types, Chorus: 6 Types
Tuning: Transpose, Pitch
Demo Songs: 26
Dynamic: On/Off, 4 selectable curves
MIDI: 16 Channels, Local On/Off
Connections: USB to Computer, Stereo Output,
MIDI In/Out/Thru
Headphone: Headphone Jack
Amplifier: Stereo – 2 x 60 Watts; 6 speakers:
2-woofers; 2-midrange; 2-tweeters
Weight: 260 lbs
Size: (W) 56 1/2´´ x (D) 49 1/2´´x (H) 351/2´´
Finish: Black Polished; White Polished
Accessories: Matching bench included
Warranty: Three-years parts;One-year labor